Each of our inspired creations are both functional and artistic.  Our pieces include home and office décor, furniture, and kids pieces. 

Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

While each piece starts with a vision,the vision often changes  throughout the process as we are inspired by a profile,color, or function.  

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."       
Pablo Picasso


  • Commissioned Pieces: We will work with you to design and create a piece just for you.  We can use your piece or select one.
  • Furniture Repair: We can repair most types of wood furniture.
  • Furniture Refinishing:  We can strip and refinish your furniture.


  • Door Stripping & Finishing: We can strip your old door and refinish to your liking and can also finish new doors. 
  • Residential Metal Polishing:  We can restore the original beauty of your door hinges, cabinet knobs, handles and other metal pieces.
  • Nautical Wood Finishing: We can refinish and restore the beauty of all wood pieces that can be removed from your boat.

Our Story

Alan and Lorri met in 1990, he an interior finishing contractor and she an interior designer.  Alan was a fine craftsman with loyal clients until his retirement in 2012 when his body could no longer handle the required heavier physical demands.  Not willing to give up what he loved to do most, he scaled his craft from homes to furnishings. 

US round.jpg

Lorri changed paths and went into education, but never being an in-the-box kinda girl, she continued to design, decorate and create when time allowed—and even when it didn’t.  What she found she loved most (besides Alan) was finding a discarded piece of furniture, an outdated home decor, a piece of nature or even an unwanted broken part of anything and turning it into functional art. 

In planning her retirement from education, Lorri and Alan decided to start their new business.  Initially, Lorri did the design and art while Alan made sure the integrity of each piece was of a quality but as they have worked together their strengths have blended and their inspirations grew!